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Live in Dtels

Posted: Tue May 05, 2009 12:55 pm
by JWeb103921
My name is John Webster ika Sam I joined as a WT in OCT.1969 at Stanton Wireless Depot I meet a number of old hands. The Rwe Jim Cornwell Cwt Harry Nickelson Swts Alick Bennitt, Peter (noddy) Marsh.Peter Booth Wts Chis Bell,Mick Price,Bill Martin .I was aTV maintence engineer and found live much slower than I was used to. One of my first jobs was the !st line repair of PF 1 pocket phones.With occational trips out with (Nody) Marsh for PMs for Notts Police and Fire Hill top sits.I later worked on CD equipment with Allick Bennitt and Horice Lander a Wt since 1939 and was due to retire .I worked at Stanton all my time in Dtels with occastional visits to the Sub-depots Leics,Lincoln.Norths.Derbs.Most of the time was spent GCN and UKWM sites and equipment.

J Webster Wt (Tet)