This section contains announcements and postings relating to ex-DTELS members of staff who's death has been notified to this forum.
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gordon wyatt
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Post by gordon wyatt » Sat Dec 24, 2016 7:40 pm

Very sad to hear of the passing of Dave Pack G3MPS.
I can only tell a small story to back up what Bill has said about Dave passing on his knowledge and helping people.
As a very young 14 year old in the early 60's. I had built a 432Mhz tripler and PA from a magazine article. I heard Dave call and went back to him, we worked each other but after giving me a generous report Dave suggested that something was not right with my transmission.
A couple of days later I worked Dave again having found that my tripler was in fact doubling and all my power was on 288Mhz. With glee I explained to Dave what I had found. I could practically see him smiling as he told me he had found the same thing with that design himself. We had a laugh about that at our 1st meeting at Longleat Rally. He was testing me to see if I could find it myself before telling me.

Years later when I was CWT at Hannington Dave was SWT at Guildford detachment. I had a serious problem one Friday afternoon. On the Saturday I had two visits at my home the 1st was Lyn Williams SWT Kidlington and later Dave both these guy's had driven 40 miles to help me out.

It was a priviledge to have known Dave as a Radio Amateur friend and later in the Directorate.

I regret that we only exchanged a couple of emails once he left for VK land.

R.I.P. Dave old friend 73 DE GW8ASA

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Billy Coombes
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Post by Billy Coombes » Sat Dec 10, 2016 11:43 am

I first met Dave when I joined Shapwick on 02/01/1967. We were both W/T 's and Dave taught me a great deal about how the systems worked. We went on many call-outs together and I had the greatest respect for Dave.

R.I.P. Dave

Billy Coombes

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David Rumens
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Post by David Rumens » Sat Dec 10, 2016 11:07 am

Dave was well respected within the Hannington Region both technically and as a person. As an SWT at Hannington I always found him to be very helpful when I was working on his patch.

RIP Dave

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Steven Cole
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Post by Steven Cole » Fri Dec 09, 2016 3:07 pm

Posted on behalf of Steve Melling

I have recently discovered that my old boss at Guildford outstation, Dave Pack (SWT), passed away last October. I had contacted him since he emigrated to Australia, but found this reference through the NSW Amateur Radio news. Some other members of staff may remember him as I believed he did work from Shapwick for some time.

Webmaster Note
I last heard from Dave in 2006. His email at the time mentioned he had joined the Directorate at Shapwick in 1963 then moved on promotion to SWT Guildford in 1969 before taking early retirement in 1990 to enjoy life in Australia. From a facebook page run by Amateur Radio New South Wales his funeral arrangements were scheduled to take place on Monday the 24th of October at Forest Lawn Memorial Park,1640 Camden Valley Way Leppington.

The NSW Amateur Radio News article refers to Dave and his wife Judy emigrating to Australia and his wealth of ATV knowledge and technical skills. He was also responsible for much of the construction, installation and ongoing maintenance of the VK2RFM ATV repeater at Oakdale. He was also involved in the installation and maintenance of the VK2RTS ATV when it moved to its current site at Lawson. His amateur radio call sign was VK2GIO.

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