This section contains announcements and postings relating to ex-DTELS members of staff who's death has been notified to this forum.
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Posted on behalf of Paddy Kelly

It is with deep regret to announce the death of Ron "Goldie" Jones at the age of 85. Ron was based at the Home Office Bridgend depot as an Aerial Rigger. His funeral was held at 11.00 am today at Bridgend Crematorium.

Ron was known to many of his colleagues as "Goldie". This was due to his prominent golden front tooth which was frequently on display from his jovial smiling face. Very much a unique character, the short history of his life given at the service today spoke volumes about Ron. He joined the Royal Navy to serve his National Service and ended up in the Welsh Guards!! I also recall that he joined the Masons whilst based at Bridgend and as part of his enrolment had to learn his speech - which meant that we (his colleagues) were treated to Ron striding around the depot loudly performing as if he were a leading actor on a stage in a role from Shakespeare!!

His coffin was covered with the flag of the Welsh Guards, a uniform dress hat and with the Last Post being played as farewell by a former army colleague. Those attending his funeral included family, friends and former colleagues from the Welsh Guards and also from the Home Office Bridgend Depot.

Rest in peace Ron - a unique character.

Paddy Kelly
10th July 2017

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