No.32 - 8th December 2021

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No.32 - 8th December 2021

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What a year its been, a mixture of success with the vaccination programme in 2021 allowing us to now enjoy a level of freedom, plus challenges brought about by Covid mutations that inevitably will carry over into 2022. Hopefully, next year will be a marked improvement.

Like many others in similar situations during these difficult times with families geographically displaced, in the absence of face-face my wife and I have been thankful for technology like video conferencing that has enabled us to keep in touch with our loved ones.

On a different topic I occasionally follow news reports relating to the next generation 4G based Emergency Services Network (ESN). Like many other government projects ESN has become drawn out, increasingly costly and questionable delivery expectations.

Meanwhile, the current Airwave TETRA based national network, which was projected to be shut down by 2019 apparently has been moved to 2026, meanwhile continuing to earn significant annual profits for the company.

Looking back to a 1954 report of the working party on Police Wireless on this website, it was said that the Home Office scheme for Police Services in England & Wales at that time was expensive and no longer offered the majority of police authorities any benefits which they could not obtain at comparable or lower cost from other sources and that financial savings would be made if facilities were provided by commercial companies. As it was the Police Services continued to have their schemes supported by the Home Office until the privatisation of DTELS in 1994.

Although not a like for like comparison between the services offered in 1994 and present day Airwave, I do wonder whether the police authorities and local ratepayers think the large increase in annual budgeting has brought about financial savings to that which would have been provided by a central government department like DTELS.

In respect of this website very little new material has surfaced in recent years. Unfortunately and a fact of life, the forum bereavement section continues to expand. From setting up the site in 2004 I felt it was important to have a place to remember the people who once worked for the Directorate who are no longer with us, so if you know of former colleagues who are not listed on the forum do get in touch with me.

With the festive season approaching whatever your circumstances I hope you have an enjoyable time. As ever I wish you good health, happiness and fortune in the coming year and stay clear of the virus if possible!

... and Finally
Please continue to visit this site, particularly the forum to view new postings and see updates on this home page.

Kind Regards

Steven Cole
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