No.1 - 27th January 2005

Webmaster letters previously published on DTELS.Org
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No.1 - 27th January 2005

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1st Webmaster Ramblings - 27th January 2005

At the time of writing this message, February is only a matter of days away and in my mind Spring is around the corner. Hence, the time has now come for me to tackle a project which I have been putting off for some years, namely, dispensing with junk, or items that have not been used since they were invented!
During a period of eleven years from leaving my parents house in 1972, until moving to my present location in Hampshire in 1983, I went through five house moves. This meant that most unwanted items got the heave-ho at the time of the next move. However, twenty-two years in the same place and two children along the way, well you can imagine the stuff that has accumulated over that period.

I decided to start in the loft, an area which has been out-of-bounds since we ran out of space a long time ago. Whilst up there this week I recalled the last two attempts to clear the loft, the first being around 1991 when DTELS was in the process of working towards BS5750 accreditation. I well remember whilst being based at Weyhill that it prompted me to hire a skip - and I filled it then, as I did again with a similar exercise around the Millennium.

Looking around the loft again now, it is clear to me that I was not ruthless enough at the two previous attempts.....

So where is this message leading to I hear you say?
Well in line with many engineers that I know who have the habit of squirrelling items that one day might be useful, so I have been guilty of amongst other things, hoarding old papers, files, photos, booklets etc relating to the Directorate, some of which were personal to me. Where appropriate I will put them on this site during the coming months and then I must be brave and destroy the originals.
I believe that for most of us who worked in the Directorate, the reality is that it was an enjoyable and rewarding period of our working life, in which we learnt a lot and made new friends along the way. From the feedback and support I have received from ex-colleagues since the creation of this web site, I continue to believe that it is important that we remember the past existence of the organisation, whilst continuing to look forward to the future. Hence, my continued involvement with the creation of this web site.

If you are of a similar view, then please let me know if you have any material that can be used on this site before you take the plunge and destroy it forever. Alternatively, if you can provide some written account of topics during your time in DTELS that would be of interest to others, then please contact me.

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