No.2 - 3rd April 2005

Webmaster letters previously published on DTELS.Org
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No.2 - 3rd April 2005

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2nd Webmaster Ramblings - 3rd April 2005

Loft Clearance Project

During the intervening two months since my last message, I can now look back with some satisfaction at meeting my stated objective of clearing the loft. That is not to say that it was an easy job at the time. Much muttering could be heard from the loft over a period of two weeks as I banged my head ?yet again? against the awkwardly placed roof struts, then stagger down the loft ladder as I moved yet another large heavy box full of papers, books, clothes, equipment etc to the garage to be sifted into relevant piles for disposal, charity donations, sale, or last resort keep!

The exercise did have its upside in that it unearthed many items that I had forgotten about, a good number relating to DTELS. As a consequence, I have already published some of the photographs from the 60?s and early 70?s found in one box file. There is a lot of material in the form of photographs and papers that remain to be sifted for relevance, then scanned and added to the website over the coming months as time permits ? so watch this space.


Thanks to those of you who have registered and made use of the forum to-date. For those of you who have not, I would encourage you to participate as a way of promoting discussion which could lead to more relevant information of DTELS past being added to the site.

Personal Recollections

Recently, I published the first recollection of DTELS from an ex-users perspective. I would appreciate hearing from other users who could share their memories of the old organisation and equipment in use at the time.

Articles from ex-DTELS staff would also be appreciated. Suggested topics could include technology, work environment, people or places of the day, impact of organisational changes, events occurring at national, regional or local level conferences, exhibitions, special events, project related and humorous moments.

And Finally

Thanks to all of you who have kindly contributed articles, photographs, suggestions and information to-date. It has been most encouraging and will continue to spur me on in the quest to place on record the people and work associated with DTELS.

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