No.8 - 23rd April 2006

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No.8 - 23rd April 2006

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Welcome to the third of my rambling letters for 2006

With Easter behind us and now enjoying the spring weather and new growth everywhere, it is time for me to concentrate on other projects. Hence, there will be no further updates to this site until November 2006.

In looking back over the last six months, it is clear that the site continues to be well supported by many of you who have sent in material and e-mails and for that I am indebted to you.

I remain encouraged that many of you have expressed pleasure at being able to rekindle your memories of your time in DTELS through the many pages and photo galleries on the site, as well as staying in touch with friends and former colleagues through the forum.

For me, the management of the site has become something of a logistical exercise. It has been quite time consuming and has lead to problems with web authoring file sizes. Accordingly, I have decided to take a fresh look at revamping the whole site with a revised structure to enable me to continue into 2007 and beyond depending upon the availability of material. This will be an onerous task and something which will have to be planned an executed before the end of October. The planned benefits will include larger font for better readability and a likely move from the present 800x600 format to 1024x768.

As always, I welcome your continued support and look forward to hearing from over the coming months or when I return in November.

Meanwhile, have a great summer and I do hope you have a fun time.

Kind Regards,

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