No.10 - 11th December 2006

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No.10 - 11th December 2006

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Welcome to the 5th and Final Ramblings for 2006

Hello and welcome to the site and thank you for your continued support.

Bigger plea for Material!
Since my November ramblings, I have braved the confines of my garage loft area, not an easy task. Much muttering and expletives were heard as I kept banging my head against the roof trusses whilst opening the many boxes up there, only to find in reality that there is very little of consequence left to publish. What remains are many large documents, such as Memorandums, outline procurement specifications and similar material that would involve considerable scanning time and result in some sizeable data files. Whilst meeting my wish to record the Directorate?s history, there has to be a balance struck. A glance at the site statistics would suggest that few people would read, let alone download these files.

Your past feedback has indicated there being a high value in the memories this site has brought back in the form of the Image Library, Personal Re-collections and the broader publications such as Intercom, Link Magazine etc.

If many of the more historical documents have been lost over time, I would at least like to trap the many memories that each of you must still have of your period of service in the organisation. If you can spend a while documenting your thoughts in the form of an e-mail, I would be very happy to publish. Of course, photos are always welcome as they often say more than words.

So please, please, send me what you can and ask your old colleagues or friends if they have pictures or other material for publication.

Christmas thoughts....
At the time of writing I have just visited Southampton to do some Christmas shopping. As to be expected at this time of year, it was jolly busy with jostling shoppers, pay till queues, lots of tacky goods on display, people heard to be saying they don?t know what to buy and to ?top it off? when emerging from the flashy West Quay Shopping Mall into the old part of town, it was damp, wet, drab and far from feeling like a festive period. Maybe this is a sign of me getting older and developing all the hallmarks of a ?grumpy old man?

However, for the Cole household it will be a family Christmas at home this year and I am really looking forward to that. So, whatever, your plans for the festive period, I hope they are enjoyable and I wish you every success in 2007. Remember to keep visiting this site!


11th December 2006
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