No.12 - 19th February 2007

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No.12 - 19th February 2007

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Welcome to the 2nd of my ramblings for 2007

Hello and welcome to the site, thank you for your continued support.

Spring is almost here!
Around my part of the world, Spring feels like it has been here for a while judging by the bulbs blooming and not many days of really cold weather! The days are also becoming visibly longer, which is a good sign. Mind you, I continue to spend too much time on the computer during the winter months, although I have been known to ?tear myself away? under duress from the wife to accompany her on more walks around Hampshire - funny how they seem to be centred around pubs as an incentive!

ntlPA and Memorabilia
If you are not already aware, since April 2006 I have revamped and run the ntl Pension Association web site. During the last 10 months I have developed a growing library of photos and memorabilia associated with staff/places who worked at the ITA/IBA/ntl Broadcast. If you had any dealings or interest with the organisation in the past, or maybe you are a member of the ntl Pension plan, but have yet to become an ntlPA member, take a look at the web site and help the organisation by becoming a member at only ?10 pa.

Spambots and Forum Usage
For some time now the forum has been plagued with spambot registrations, which has involved me removing them almost on a daily basis. I have recently implemented a coding change, which looks to have stopped the problem. Although many people have viewed the forum, there has been little posted during 2006. The membership continues to grow slowly, but it would be nice to see more use.

Problems in Contacting Me?
It is always good to receive your e-mails, especially from those of you who have only just heard or come across the site. I have noted that some of you who have initially written to me have not subsequently replied to my follow up e-mail, which has made me wonder if my DTELS web address or host ISP is on a blacklist. If you don?t get an acknowledgement to an e-mail you have sent, please be kind enough to ring me.

And Finally!
I am always on the scrounge for material to publish. As mentioned in my last ramblings, I have very little left, so it will soon be a case of consolidation and deciding what to do with the site long-term. So please, please, send me what you can and ask your old colleagues or friends if they have pictures or other material for publication.

Until the next time, all the best and remember to keep visiting this site!


19th February 2007
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