No.17 - 17th December 2007

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No.17 - 17th December 2007

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Welcome to the Seventh of my Ramblings for 2007

It?s been a busy Month
With Christmas round the corner, for many people, it's that time of year again when the social calendar, over indulgence, purchasing presents and flexing credit cards take on a new dimension. In many respects, the Cole Household is no exception!

So far, my pre-Christmas festivities have included two ex-DTELS gatherings. As with previous years, it has been great to chat in person again with those who I worked with so many years ago and where the passage of time has not dented the friendship or social interaction. For me at least, it?s another reminder of the fine memories I have of my working life in the Directorate.

December Update
This month finally sees Bridgend Region added to the Image Gallery. I am indebted to Roy Hodgkinson for sending in documents and photos, which I hope you will find interesting. This is complimented by an 18 minute audio recording with some well known, but sadly now deceased voices.

My thanks also to John Maloney for his personal recollections article, which again highlights the diversity of projects which the Directorate undertook. Also, to Mike Watson for the 1980 amateur radio license holder list, which no doubt will jog your memories of named individuals.

Personal Recollections
I am grateful to those of you who have already written in with articles awaiting publication.

I really do believe there is much more to be said by ex-DTELS employees visiting this site about your time in the Directorate. So, please follow the example of those who have already sent in articles for the Personal Recollections section, by sending me your own article for sharing your memories with the many people who visit and enjoy this site...

Topics can range from funny, sad, informative perhaps detaining the work of a specialist group, time spent in central maintenance, field services or working on past projects.

If writing your thoughts in a MS Word type document or email is not practical, how about an audio recording on a cassette tape or ideally .mp3 or .wav format?

and finally...
Whatever, your plans for the forthcoming festive period, I sincerely hope they are enjoyable and I wish you every success in 2008. Remember to keep visiting this site and I look forward to chatting with you again in Mid-January.


17th December 2007
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