No.19 - 15th February 2008

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No.19 - 15th February 2008

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Life Moves On!
Last Christmas, my younger daughter, Laura, announced that she and her boyfriend had become engaged and is now resident in his pad. I am slowly coming round to the fact that at 23 she has her own life to lead and why the house has been somewhat quieter of late....

I guess it's not surprising that recent conversations have turned towards wedding dates, venues, guest lists, dresses and ... financial contributions from ?Bank of Dad?

Whilst looking forward to the happy event next year, the Weyhill video I took in 1986 serves to remind me that life does not stand still. It seems only like yesterday when my two girls, who appear in the egg and spoon race overseen by Dave Greenwood, were tots and my fellow colleagues had hair and not many wrinkles!. Now, my generation are set to be drawing their pension and are probably already grandparents....

February Update
My thanks go to Eric Davies for sending in his article on Control Systems and his time at Bishops Cleeve Maintenance Unit. Having worked with Eric for some years in the 80?s, particularly during my time as Senior Engineer at Weyhill, it was great to catch up again after all these years when he telephoned me at the end of last year after hearing about this site. There are a number of photos from his archive which have been included in Billinge, Bishops Cleeve and CCE Harrow galleries.

Thanks also to Tom Rawlance for photos of a small fire at Cranbrook, yes the building is still in use....

Also, thanks to Dave Humpherys for his article sent in three years ago. If you are wondering why it took so long for me to publish, read my note at the bottom of the article!

Personal Recollections
Please keep sending in your articles, there is still much more to be told yet! Don?t put off until tomorrow what you could do today, so get writing and then send them to the following email address: ........... Insert @ in place of AT

and finally...
Please keep spreading the word about the existence of DTELS.Org so that more of our former colleagues can enjoy the memories held on this site. Thanks to all of you who continue to write to me. Please keep visiting this site and I look forward to chatting with you again in Mid-March.

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