No.24 - 19th January 2009

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No.24 - 19th January 2009

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Hello and welcome to the site

I trust like me you have come through the Seasons Festivities unscathed, if somewhat lighter in the pocket! The Cole household enjoyed a lively family Christmas, then Lynn and I visited a nearby Berkshire hotel to see the New Year in, albeit with a tender head that took sometime to go away the following day..

I?m pleased to see the forum is still being used, including postings as far off as Australia. Later in the year I will take another look at alternatives to the current pHpBB and see if there are better packages. I would only be looking at a replacement that could import the existing postings and hopefully retention of username and passwords.

DTELS Summer Reunion - Survey Form
As mentioned last month, the organiser, Bob Siu, is promoting the idea of a summer reunion in addition to the one held in December. Click here for more information on proposed dates and to complete the online survey form by 28th February for those interested in attending a summer reunion.

January Update
My thanks this month go to a number of people for sending in material this month, they include Bob Barnes, Kevin Carrig, Michael Leigh and Michael Watson. I?m sorry that I was not able to include extracts from the report published in 1963 by Sir Arthur L. Dixon, CB, CBE as mentioned last month due to time constraints. I plan to address this next month.

and finally...
I would still welcome short articles or snippets for inclusion in the February update, so please do your best to e-mail me.

Until my next update in Mid-February.

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