No.25 - 12th March 2009

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No.25 - 12th March 2009

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Hello and welcome to the site

This month?s update includes a number of photos taken during the decommissioning of analogue radio communications schemes used by Derbyshire, Northamptonshire and West Midlands police forces following their migration to the Airwave Digital Network. A lot of the now redundant equipment was procured, installed and maintained by the Directorate of Telecommunications during the 1980?s as a result of WARC 79 and by and large remained in operational service for over twenty years.

For those involved in the planning, installation or ongoing maintenance, I?m sure these photos will be a poignant reminder of the heady days when the Directorate undertook a major project to re-equip forces and brigades in England and Wales, delivered within agreed targets and where much of the equipment has remained in service long after it?s planned life span.

A testimony to all those involved.....

DTELS Summer Reunion - Survey Form
Many thanks to those of you who submitted forms. In discussion with Bob Siu a picnic lunchtime gathering has been suggested, to be held one midweek date in August. The venue may be Westminster College and could possibly include a free concert! More details regarding date/time will be published on this site as soon as they are known. Meanwhile, if you wish to contact Bob direct, his email address is:

March Update
My thanks this month go to Mike Phillips for the loan of the account by Sir Arthur L. Dixon and the photos sent in by Martin Swift and Max Corney which have been added to the Image Library.

and finally...
I am now scraping the barrel regarding suitable memorabilia for the web site. As always I still welcome short articles or snippets for inclusion, so please do your best to e-mail me soon!

Until my next update in Mid-April.


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