Suffolk Hilltop Locn. Poss Lodgewood

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Suffolk Hilltop Locn. Poss Lodgewood

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A series of old photographs of Regional Government Headquarters have released on the Sub-Brit website. A number of these clearly show the aerial arrangements at RGHQ 4.1 at Bawburgh, Norwich. I visited the site in 1981 and made a note of how I thought the aerials were arranged. The new photograph from that time reveals some errors in my judgement. There are two UHF yagis and a VHF yagi pointing approx 152 degrees. The VHF is likely to be the Royal Observer Corp (UKWMO ome defence) link from Norwich to Colchester.

I am trying to identify a likely mast about 152 degrees from Bawburgh and found one at TM362719, the official name may be Lodgewood as Lodge Wood is opposite the mast in Peasenhall Rd right next to the Sibton Water tower. Can you confirm this is a HO site with possible HD connections I would appreciate any suggestions if this is the wrong location.

I would appreciate any historical information about the routing of Home Defence / UKWMO radio links from the seventies / eighties before the introduction of the RN1 and RN2, whether they be in the Cheveley region or elsewhere.

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