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Forgotten Outstation ?

Posted: Thu Feb 11, 2016 12:06 pm
by Alan Griffiths
I started at Romsley on the Burndept Bench (i still have on old one I bought as a keepsake )I was RY55 originally based at Duke Street with Ben Hopkin my immediate boss. I eventually ended up at the Bevan outstation at Brierley Hill I remember Roger Beale being around but at that time my boss was Clive Cooper who went to Hindlip. I havn't sadly got any pictures of the Bevan, but I remember Derek and Roy the wireless mechanics.This was around 1975 ish if my haddled Brain serves me right. .I went to PYE Telcom, but wished I'd stayed at D Tels later on. Regards to the survivors like myself. I was 65 last September. I'm still working , but for myself in Broadcast.
Alan Griffiths