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Cheveley (EF80's to FPGA's what a ride...What a Ride!)

Posted: Sat Feb 13, 2016 3:01 pm
by Steven Cole
Posted on behalf of Derek Coombes

Hi Folks

Some will remember I opted to leave Cheveley ASAP during the dismantlement; a fantastic job in the offing, on the Island of La Palma optical telescope (INT) site run by Cambridge uni. They were keen to get me on site before Christmas, as staff wanted to get home for the "holidays", I was in a great scurry to get there... Something just had to go wrong. Due to multifaceted Stabs cock-up, it all fell through.

A position with Cambridge Consultants SPL on the S. Park, was then in the offing, fortuitously I immediately accepted, as I enjoyed my time there immensely, working on "Intrac" a satellite tracking system. Eventually time caught up I retired. Since then I enjoy travelling still, mostly around the Med now, especially, to beat the winter gloom, I find those long haul flights a nightmare, also given up lurching around the sky in old G-AHIZ...that has been for some time, far too expensive. Therefore, I spend a great deal of my time, cutting the roses between med trips.

As I drive past old Dtels sites I visualize, the "Time Team" having great difficulty in finding any evidence at all of our past presence. Not many of us Dtels personnel left now. A plethora of nocuous medication is keeping me healthy. Finding time for maintenance of my garden is proving impossible; I am considering making an allowance for a small area at the rear for nature to reclaim; I have given-up on trying to remove the resident Muntjacs. However, I have now, at last... well almost, hung up my AVO.

Keep smiling
Derek Coombes