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Re: AEL 3030 SSB Transceiver manual

Posted: Mon Nov 23, 2015 10:56 am
by JohnWitchell
Hi Julian,

Thanks very much for replying. Its always interesting to hear a bit of history about an old company. I'm working for Simoco now since leaving Arqiva in 2006 although that was via another company, Dalman Technical Services, for a couple of years.

Dalman specialised in simulcast radio systems and was the supplier of the equipment used to keep the old low-band fire brigade systems going a bit longer before their shift to Airwave. Dalman was taken over by ComGroup Australia which was itself absorbed into Simoco. Simoco is now what's left of the old Pye/Philips company at least for basestations and DMR/P25 radios and there are still one or two employees that remember the old days.

As for the AEL3030, I have recently obtained a technical manual which has enough information to fix it. I haven't actually got round to doing that yet but as I'm being moved to part time (mostly against my will unfortunately but better than being made redundant) I will have a lot more time for home projects and it is definitely on my list.

Thanks again,

Re: AEL 3030 SSB Transceiver manual

Posted: Sun Nov 22, 2015 12:21 pm
by Julian Church
Hi John, I know the post was a long time ago but I thought I would comment in case it was still relevant, I was the Senior Engineer in AEL Test Department, we used to program / repair and test communication equipment mainly in HF VHF and UHF range also engineer systems, we build transceiver under licence from Transworld, it started with the AEL 3030 and later had our own design the AEL 2230, I also traveled the world mainly Africa India and the middle east as a troubleshooter for our equipment...

I forget if it was 1995 0r 1996 but we were bought out by South Midlands Communication LTD in ChandlersFord near Southampton (SMC) I transferred my employment to them and moved to Eastleigh Hants, I worked in their workshops still building and testing the AEL 2230 and the VHF/UHF products (such as the MR16) until other products replaced them, I also did the same traveling as a Troubleshooter for SMC on all the radio production range including some of their antennas, I became their Technical Manager, we contracted with Codan (Australia) to become the sole repair agents for their HF Systems / Transceivers and and mobile HF antenna covering the same areas as in the AEL days, as well as the transceiver's, we did a PCB repair / replacement turn round service and as I got nearer retirement age worked mainly on this side of the business and retired in June 2006...

Most of the old AEL Service manuals will be off the SMC system by now, but if you still needed a circuit schematic I still have contacts in SMC who may possibly be able to get an old photocopy in the AEL range, but it has been over a decade so even these old copies may not be around anymore... But if you are still looking I'd be happy to see what I can do, also although the memory is fading I might still remember enough to help... Numbers are one thing that fades in the memory and I wanted to do a little home project and was looking for a Fet we used to use in the old 3030 and in my search under AEL 30303 came across your post...
it turned out to be a dual gate mosfet 3N204 used in many of the HF AEL transceiver.

If ever want to chat just let me know Julian Church

Posted: Sun Jul 10, 2011 1:54 pm
by Allan
Hi John...can't help with the manual;but just wondered how you are keeping?..I have left the insanity and moved to the Isle of Skye....very quiet(people and qrm);great retirement terrestrialTV or mobile phone sigs...sat takes care of that;got a 90cm and 1 metre still working on south coast?..Regards Allan (Crabb)

AEL 3030 SSB Transceiver manual

Posted: Sun Jul 10, 2011 11:36 am
by JohnWitchell
Does anyone know where I might find a service manual for the AEL 3030 HF SSB transceiver. I have recently picked up two of these but unfortunately they are both faulty.

The usual places I look were no help, Mauritron and the website. There seems to be very few mentions of these radios on the internet but there must be a manual around somewhere. I doubt these radios would have been used anywhere in Dtels but someone may have another suggestion of where to look?