Just an update from me.

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David Rumens
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Hi Graham,

Well you have joined the honouable ranks of ex-Vodafone. There loads of us about.

No probs mate, you will succeed. :)

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Graham Keens
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Just an update from me.

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Having been made redundant from Vodafone last October, I am now employed by the NPIA (National Policing Improvements Agency) where I assist the end users with any Airwave problems they may require help with.
I have discovered a whole raft of ex-D-Tels employees at NPIA, most of whom ended up there via the Home Office or PITO. I've also met quite a few ex D-Tels people still employed by the various forces that I cover.
Just shows there is life after redundancy, even over 50. :D :D
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