Mr M. Wilson

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Mr M. Wilson

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Dear DTELs,

I am trying to trace / contact an ex DTELs Staff Member; 'Mr M. Wilson'.

I am not sure what Mr Wilson's full name is, he is likely to have been in the Scottish Office?

Why? (you might ask); I am involved in researching a number of 'Cold War' sites in the UK (some of you will have met me or already know of me) and I now have a number of artefacts that originate from ROC/UKWMO, SRHQ/RGHQ and AFHQ Message Exchange Switches (MSX); namely VDUs and Teleprinters c.1984-91.

Many of these have stickers affixed to them stating: 'Checked August 1993, Mr M. Wilson DTELs'. I wish to contact Mr Wilson regarding these artefacts. Hence my posting here.

Whilst I am asking, I would also like to contact ANY DTELs staff who have any experience of working in any ROC, UKWMO, RGHQ (RSG, SRC or SRHQ et-al) or AFHQ in any capacity at all. I research and work at many old sites ('holes') so am keen to gather details on many areas. For example I am currently involved at the Dover RSG/SRC/SRHQ c.1960-1984.

I already know Alan Wood, Bob Peel (got all of your training notes now :-) and a number of others. If you think you might be able to help please do contact me. Mr Cole has my contact address and knows of me if you would like to contact me via Steve.

I need to contact Mr M. Wilson regarding Scottish sites and mainly about MSX. This is rather important. I just hope someone out there can help.

Kind regards

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