Hi to ex Shapwick and Corston people

This forum should be confined to people who wish to re-establish contact with former DTELS colleagues and friends.

NOTE: please respect privacy regarding the distribution of sensitive contact detail within these forum pages as some individuals may not wish to have such information broadcast on the internet.
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Hi to ex Shapwick and Corston people

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I was at Shapwick from 1974 to about 1978, then at Corston to about 1979 when I moved to the Radio Regulatory Department in London.
I was doing some surfing and came upon this site. If there's any of my ex-colleagues around I'd love to catch up on your news. We moved to Australia with our two children in 1983, now have 3 grandchildren and another on the way. My mind still thinks I can do all the things I used to do in Shapwick, but my body disagrees.
Best wishes to all.

Terry Charman
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