Jim Luxton

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Jim Luxton

Post by AlanCopp »

Crikey Cliff, long time no hear, how are you. You may rememer me from the old E&D days at CCE when I was in the UHF Lab. If you want a particularly horrible early picture of me see this link on this site Intercom Journal March 1973 Page 6

I have been trying to trace Jim Luxton, John Stokes and Peter Wakefield. Jim Luxton's amateur radio callsign has lapsed (but no particular surprise there). His wife was, I believe, French and he may have returned over there. I last saw him about 1988 at his retirement do at CCE and I think he still lived not far from me in Harrow then.

Alan Copperwaite

Jim Luxton

Post by cliffwilson »

Cliff Wilson would like to know if anybody knows the whereabouts of Jim Luxton who very involved in "royality protection" whilst at Harrow and Rochester Row
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