No.26 - 27th April 2009

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No.26 - 27th April 2009

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This will be my last site update before the summer break as I focus on domestic and personal projects and spend less time on the computer! There is also the matter of a forthcoming wedding in early June, my younger daughter Laura to Neil, where I have yet to prepare a speech.....

On a personal front, it is pleasing to know the site continues to attract a wider audience, including ex-Directorate staff who have recently become aware of the it?s existence. Also, postings and private messages via the forum continue to provide a means of communication with past friends and colleagues, as well as requests for information. Since establishing DTELS.Org in October 2004, it has remained my intention that the site should be professional, informative, maintain accuracy as far as reasonably possible and remain independent of advertising. Except for the funding, this objective has only been possible with the input from many people that has enabled the site to continue growing in content and stature.

So what?s next?

Most of my DTELS material gathered over the years has now been published, what remains is low relevance to the organisation history. Some of you have indicated a willingness to provide material or articles for the site and I look forward to receiving copy by October 2009. I remain hopeful with continued support from the many ex-Directorate staff visiting this site, that the summer break will provide a period of time to send me some articles, particularly personal recollections. I firmly believe there is still a lot of past memories working in the organisation that is locked in people?s minds that is of interest and could be shared with others. For ideas, see the green text box opposite.

DTELS Summer Reunion
Bob Siu still plans to hold a picnic lunchtime gathering one midweek date in August. The venue may be Westminster College and could possibly include a free concert! More details regarding date/time will be published on this site as soon as they are known. If you wish to contact Bob direct, his e-mail address is:

Update 21Aug 2009
See top of the home page for pictures from this event.

April Update
My thanks this month go to Brian Walters, Dave Partridge and Paddy Kelly for their input.

and finally...
I wish you good health, happiness and fortune and I look forward to receiving your articles or snippets for inclusion by October 2009. Meanwhile, please remember to check the web site periodically during the summer break for mini news updates!

Until my next update in Mid-November.


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