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Scottish R.O.C. Post Radio, Emgy Voice Nwk EVN

Posted: Thu Dec 03, 2009 10:36 pm
by scanlos
The RN4 Radio scheme in England Wales and NI is well documented by the ROC however the Scottish parts appears to be absent. It would appear there was no cross-border working from England to Scotland.
The HO scheme used single frequency simplex on 12 channels in the 80MHz band.

Recently while looking for something else, Google turned up a Radio Scanners list that shows 10 Scottish Emergency Voice Network channels.
These are in the 80 MHz band, and dual frequency paired with 70MHz band. Interestingly the first 5 of these channels operate on frequencies used by the ROC in England. As there were 5 ROC groups in the Scottish sector, could the EVN be using these former ROC channels? As these are dual frequency it would explain why there was no cross border operation.

I would appreciate any clues to whether my assumptions are correct. Even better would be knowing which ROC Groups used which channel. Another angle on this would be which hilltop sites transmit which channels, then I could deduce the coverage and therefore work out the channel mapping.

Thanks in anticipation