This section contains announcements and postings relating to ex-DTELS members of staff who's death has been notified to this forum.
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Cliff Wilson

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Cliff was unique in a number of ways, one of which was that he actually worked for Dtels at two different periods of his career. Cliff and I also had in common that we both joined the RAF as young Boy Entrants where we were introduced to the world of radio communications at RAF Cosford. (He was I think 28th Entry whilst I was 32nd Entry!)

I only got to know Cliff during his period with Dtels in Cwmbran and more latterly when I joined Gwent Police in 2000. Cliff was always a keen and dedicated engineer who sought to ensure that the end user (Front Line staff) of whatever service or organisation was under his responsibility got and could rely on the radio communications no matter what the circumstances. His last role before retiring was to successfully introduce and manage new APD control room facilities to Force Headquarters.

Cliff did enjoy meeting old friends especially former Home Office and Dtels colleagues. I have received calls and emails from former colleagues of Cliff from across a number of locations and organisations expressing their sadness at his passing.
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From: Paddy Kelly

I'm sorry to announce the untimely death of Cliff Wilson on Thursday 22nd July 2010. His daughter has advised the following funeral arrangements:

Service and Cremation to be held on Friday 30th July 2010 at 1.00pm at:-
Parc Gwyn Crematorium,
SA67 8UD

To be followed by a buffet reception at:-
Wiseman's Bridge Inn
Wiseman's Bridge
SA69 9AU

Former colleagues and friends of Cliff wishing to attend the buffet are requested to let Billy Coombes or Paddy Kelly know so that Cliff's daughter may have an indication of possible catering numbers.

Personal Message from Billy Coombes
Cliff was born in Liverpool in 1938 and died in West Wales on 22nd July 2010 at the age of 72.

Upon leaving school he joined the RAF and worked on Canberra bombers and on High Speed Launches for Air and Sea Rescue.Upon leaving the RAF he joined DTels. as a WT and was posted to Billinge depot. Upon promotion to SWT he was posted to Harrow and then promoted to CWT at Horseferry House.

In 1978 Cliff resigned from DTels. and moved to Saundersfoot in West Wales, where he ran a small shop for a number of years (the steps from this shop ran directly on to the beach). In 1985 Cliff sold the shop and rejoined DTels as a WT, being posted to Cwmbran detachment (Bridgend Depot). He then moved to Chepstow to live. Upon the demise of DTels. he worked for NTL (still at the radio workshop at Gwent Police H.Q.)

In 1998 he started work with Gwent Police until his retirement in 2003.

I first met Cliff in 1976 when as a CWT he was involved with a team led by Ray Stoodley in testing FIGARO in the Severn Railway Tunnel (little did I know that we would be working together full time in 1985 at Cwmbran Detachment).

Cliff and his wife Vicky became very good friends of both myself and my wife and we had some very good times together. We enjoyed many happy years of good friendship and a good working relationship.

Cliff was always ready to help and had a professional manner with all users in both the Fire and Police service. He was well respected by both his fellow workers and police staff.

He will be sadly missed by his family and his many friends.

Billy Coombes

Webmaster Note:
Colleagues and friends who do not have contact details for Billy or Paddy can send a personal message by logging into their DTELS forum account, click the messages link, then select new post and find username Paddy Kelly.

If anyone reading this post kept in touch with Cliff during his latter years and would like to add more information can either add a new post here or email me.

Cliff (pictured below in 2009) wrote a couple of articles for the Intercom magazines during the 70's and these can be found at:

London Region (Intercom Journal March 1973 Page 10),
London Fire Brigade Control Vehicle (Intercom Journal December 1977 Page 36)

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