No.4 - 1st November 2005

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No.4 - 1st November 2005

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4th Webmaster Ramblings - 1st November 2005

Welcome to the fourth of my rambling letters for 2005

Just over five months has elapsed since my last letter and I sincerely hope that you have had an enjoyable and productive summer.

The weather in my part of the world certainly played it's part in enabling me to complete most of my outdoor goals, in particular, the completion of the first phase to reshape the rear garden. The project eventually ended up becoming a logistical challenge in physically moving large quantities of heavy building material whilst undertaking the rebuild of the main patio and construction of walls, decking, pergolas and shed. Inevitably, one job led to another, but I was ably assisted at times by my wife (Lynn). I certainly lost some weight and became fitter in the process, so I felt I had earned two weeks out in Tenerife at the end of October before concentrating on indoor projects, such as this web site, during the next five months or so.

I am reminded by the growing pile of papers, photo albums and slides in my workshop that during the course of this year, I received a large amount of material for the web site from those of you who kindly searched through your archives, lofts and memorabilia. As time permits, I plan to publish as much as possible during the coming months. A number of you sent in e-mails with comments or material and I will read these again and incorporate your input where appropriate.

The first priority for me in November is to transfer all the files on this web site and other domains which I manage, to a new host provider. The new account will provide greater flexibility to accommodate multiple domains, whilst providing substantially increased web space and monthly traffic allowance. For this reason, it may well take until the middle of the month to complete the transition before new material is added to the site on a weekly basis.

In respect of the forum, a number of you have commented that it would be good to have the membership list visible. My reasoning for not making this public in the first place was that I did not want registered users receiving unwanted/junk mail as a result of the list being in the public domain. However, on reflection, the point of a forum is to enable users to communicate with each other, so I have decided to make the list public from 1st December 2005. I will be sending a global e-mail to registered users in the next week or so to give them the opportunity to opt out if they so wish.

Well that?s about it from me until the next letter, probably at Christmas time.

Meanwhile, as always, I welcome your continued support and look forward to hearing from you soon

Kind Regards,
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