Billinge Depot.

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billinge 1966/9

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Hi Howard,
Happy New Year, we made it to 2009!
It was great to hear from you and to know that you are still hale and hardy.
I have happy memories of Joe , he was so helpful and friendly when I started at Billinge.
I retired from DTELS/NTL in 1998 , but was employed by Gwent Police 1998-2003 to Implement a new ICCS.and link up to Airwave.
My wife and I are both members of U3A here in Chepstow. She is a keen walker, I do French, and we both enjoy the Wine appreciation group!
I doubt that I'll be in Cheshire in the forseeable future, but keep in touch.
I have vivid memories of trailing a pump up mast all over the county surveying UHF sites, nice pubs !
Best wishes Cliff
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howard marshall
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billinge depot

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Hi Cliff, Howard here, as a result of Graham having mentioned your input at one of our Northwich gatherings recently. I echo Graham's invite should you find yourself in these parts.
I have been retired since 2000 having done an extra 12 months on contract to ntl.... my missus is a homebird and I found the need to join a local group, U3A, to enjoy with others bowling,golf,cycling,whist,etc since losing my friend Joe as we shared a pint and computer topics on an almost daily basis.
Names from the past who meet/met at Northwich include /included Joe McQuillan, John Alexander and Frank Duckett ... alas no Joe anymore, John lives now near Oban but Frank is a regular. It is possible you know of others who visit but you left Billinge around 1970 I think.
Joe McQ is the reason I inputted to this site but I have not been a regular visitor I regret. I (and Stu Powell) have submitted have posted BILLINGE photos should you have missed them.

Regards and Happy New Year
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Graham Dean
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Billinge Depot

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Hi Cliff, Graham Dean ex-Welwyn Garden City and Crewe Detachments (among other locations) here. About every couple of months ex-staff from Billinge Depot and outstations meet up for a pint or two near Northwich. One of the regular attendees is Howard Marshall who you mentioned. I note you live in Chepstow (where my girlfriend's mother lives, incidentally) but if you are visiting the area let me know and I'm sure we can arrange a meeting if you wish. They are normally on a Wednesday evening.

All the best.

Graham Dean.

Billinge Depot.

Post by cliffwilson »

I joined the Home Office At Billinge in Sept 1966 as a W/T.
The Department was expanding rapidly to meet the increasing demand by the emergency services and Civil Defence for more and more radio communications facilities.
The Staff at Billinge were a strange mixture of old hands and new boys .
The old hands consisted of ,some who had started life as W.T operators during and after the second world war,Some who had been Technicians for U.S.A.F. at Burtonwood. The R.W.E was a Mr Burchall ( always addressed as such ) and the CWT was Norman Lee .
The new boys were almost all ex HM armed forces in the age group approx 25 years old and ful of new ideas !
I was ex RAF, and I recall the names of some of my colleagues and their respective services. There was ,Eric Davies ,army, Terry Hall, navy, Brian kemp, army,Howard Marshall, RAF,and several others whose names I can't recall
We were quite a happy "band iof brothers" and we used to meet together on Friday nights in the "Foot of the cause way" at the bottom of Billinge Hill
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