Pre WARC VHF and UHF Police frequencies and equipment

Topics to this forum should relate to major projects which impacted nationally on DTELS and/or it's customers (ie: WARC, RF Systems, Mobile Data, Integrated Communication & Control Systems, Fire Mobilising Systems).
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Thanks for the link Ron

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Hello Ron

Thanks for the reminder about Steve Scanlon's site. It does indeed have a lot of relevant information and should prove useful and informative to anyone with an interest in telecommunications history.

Your comments regarding this site are appreciated.

Ron Suddes

Pre- WARC frequencies and Callsigns

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This ex BT guy has loads of info, including some of your request, on his site. The site will be of interest to most DTELS guys. It dosn't just cover UKWMO.

I would like to thank Steven Cole for all the hard work he puts into maintaining this site.

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Dave Mckay
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Pre WARC VHF and UHF Police frequencies and equipment

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I was wondering if anyone has a listing of VHF (80-84/98-102) frequencies used pre WARC by Police forces and a lisiting of the UHF(50khz channels) .

I've a couple of Whitehalls in my collection with the pre Warc channels in them and was wondering what forces they reference to.

I know the chances are slim because the official documents would have been at least Restricted and probably Confidential as the Post WARC ones are.

Also has anyone got a list of the DTELS MX prefix equipment reference numbers.

Dave Mckay

M2HB EA Custody :)
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