No.21 - 19th May 2008

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No.21 - 19th May 2008

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Hello and welcome to the site

Since my last update in March, Lynn and I managed to escape these shores for our longest trip yet, Hong Kong and New Zealand. HK was really a stopping off point with three nights in a lively environment which we both enjoyed. Surprisingly, having taken a shopping list with me, I left with little in the way of electronic items as the prices were not too dissimilar to those back home. NZ was a delight to visit, particularly the South Island, where life was more laid back, stunning scenery, genuinely friendly people, lower traffic/noise pollution and a quality of life reminiscent of England three decades back. I have posted photos on my own web site showing some of the scenery out there. Returning home has been something of a cultural change, which has taken a period of time to adjust. If you have yet to visit the country I would have no hesitation is recommending it?s inclusion in your list of future travels.

May Update
My thanks this month go to John Maloney whose Personal Recollections article entitled ?Divers and Diverse Talk? forms the basis of this months update and again highlights the wide range of projects undertaken by the Directorate during it?s heyday. As there are no other articles in the pipeline and temporarily I am back at work, there are no other items to add this month.

Summer Break
As with previous years, there will be no more regular updates during the summer months, but all being well they will recommence early-mid November 2008. However, I will post news items as they are known so please revisit the site periodically. During the summer months, I would really appreciate receiving many more articles for publication. If by November there is little to publish I may well have to look at calling it a day as documents and photos are now more difficult to source and increasingly I am becoming more reliant on personal recollection articles. Please send your articles to the webmaster e-mail address in Feedback.

and finally...
Wishing you have a happy and memorable time during the coming summer months and please keep spreading the word about the existence of DTELS.Org so that more of our former colleagues can enjoy the memories held on this site. Until my next update in November.


19th May 2008
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