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This part of the library contains two video clips associated with social events organised by Weyhill Maintenance Unit and Maintenance Planning Group during the 1980s.

The videos give a flavour of the fun times that were expressed in SCHOW Personal Recollections whenever events such as these were held.

Acknowledgement: Videos and copyright, Steven R. Cole

page updated: 15/03/19

Video Clip Details


Weyhill 1986 VideoSummer Fete 1986
The first video to appear on this web site, the Summer Fete was held at Weyhill MU on Saturday 9th August 1986.

See who you know in this four minute video ..... it could be you!

Click on this icon to download the Weyhill Summer Fete 1986 Video

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Weyhill 1985 VideoSummer Fete 1985
Posted 15/04/2012

The second video is around twenty minutes duration and was taken at the Summer Fete held one Saturday in 1985.

The video features many of the staff then based at Weyhill, together with their friends and family.  Due to the number of people appearing in this video, names have not been added.

Click on this icon to download the Weyhill Summer Fete 1985 video

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Both videos are in Windows Media format (.wmv) and depending upon the browser you are using may either stream or require you to download and save the file to your computer before viewing.

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