No.7 - 12th March 2006

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No.7 - 12th March 2006

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Welcome to the second of my rambling letters for 2006.

Life is moving on at a pace this year, already in March, daylight hours are getting longer and Spring is in the air - hooray.

For many DTELS employees, the onset of Spring is a poignant reminder that 12 years has passed by since ntl acquired DTELS on the 1-March-1994. For ntl Broadcast, now Arqiva since 2005, the intervening period has seen a marked change as it's share of the Public Safety market continues to erode following the transition from Post WARC 1980's DTELS analogue systems to o2 Airwave digital networks. Inevitably, life moves on and is all about change, but is is a sad reminder that in the process of change, much valuable expertise is lost, often forever as people are obliged to find other forms of work.

One of the changes for me this year is that I am now a co-opted member of the NTLPA and I attended my first committee meeting last week. No doubt, many of you who are now deferred or actual pensioners of the NTL-DTELS scheme will be taking a closer interest in how the scheme is managed in the future. To ensure a more balanced representation of members interests when the committee meets with various bodies such as ntl Group and the Trustees, I recommend all ex-DTELS employees who are in the NTL-DTELS Scheme to consider becoming a member. More information, which is to be updated shortly, can be found on the forum.

Well that's enough from me until my next letter, other than to say that the site continues to expand as a result of many of you sending in material for publication - please keep it up!

Wishing you all the best in the coming months and I look forward to hearing from you soon.

Kind Regards,

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