No.16 - 16th November 2007

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No.16 - 16th November 2007

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Welcome to the Sixth of my Ramblings for 2007

Back to the Winter Months!
Now the middle of November and not long back from warmer climates, it's taking me a while to adjust to sharp frosty mornings (brrrr) after sailing the seas around the Canaries in shorts!

DTELS Reunion
30 people attended the DTELS reunion on the 4th December. Click here or on the photo above to see pictures taken at the event .

Now in our Fourth Year has now been operational for three years and attracted nearly 10,000 visitors to the site during that time. This number does not include page loads, hits or counting my access, which would otherwise be substantially higher.

I would like to thank the many contributors that have helped to make the site interesting and informative by way of photographs, articles and documents. I remain encouraged by the continued support for a specialist site primarily aimed at ex-DTELS personnel, people associated with the organisation, or those with an interest in telecommunications. By way of a reminder, it will be 14 years next March when DTELS ceased to exist as a public sector organisation!

I plan to continue updating the site over the next few years if sufficient material is forthcoming. The frequency of updates will inevitably depend on the level of material at any given the time.

Personal Recollections
With the longer nights comes the opportunity to jot down your recollections of time in DTELS? I feel sure there are many articles to be had from those of you who have some good, funny, sad or simply informative stories that can be shared with the many people who visit and enjoy this site.

and finally...
Thanks again for visiting the site and look forward to chatting with you again in Mid-December.

16th November 2007
amended 06/12/07 and 09/12
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