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Great Dun Fell
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Hereford & Worcs Fire

"This is the Control Room at the fire station on Deansway, the building is on the corner of Fish Street.
One chimney has two vertical 3 element highband Yagi's and the other, two horizontal 3 element highband yagi's. They point Westward, I must admit I was suprised they didn't point to Prefera Hall (Red Marley) so I haven't a clue - we need insider information here"
Photograph Source and Text enclosed by "..."
Stephen Scanlon

UPDATE from Alan Wood - 19 April 2007
Regarding Stephen's query ref the Hereford & Worcester Fire Aerials. I'm not sure when the photo's were taken but the aerial arrangement is much as I remember it when I was at Romsley in the 1980's. Due to the poor location in Worcester (near river level) and lack of aerial height at Fire HQ's the signal at Pen-Y-Fforest (the longest path) was very weak. The outgoing link was boosted to 50 watts and the majority of power fed to two 3 element yagis, stacked for 3db gain, and beamed west to serve Pen-Y-Fforest and Garway Hill. A small amount of power was also fed to a yagi looking at Romsley.

Hereford & Worcs Fire