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Steven ColeDirectorate of Telecommunications

I joined the Directorate in early 1970 and apart from two and half years service with the Scottish Home & Heath Department (SHHD), I remained with the organisation until transferring to NTL in March 1994 following the government trade sale and then  continued with NTL until I took early retirement in December 2002.

My personal interests include playing keyboard, computing, photography, travel and web design.

Service Record
1970-1974; Technician - initially based at Romsley Depot for four months to ‘learn the ropes’ then transferred to the Warwickshire Outstation located at Lillington Police Station near Leamington Spa.   My work in those days was mainly on VHF/UHF links and Control Systems supporting Warwickshire and Coventry Police and Warwickshire, Coventry and Solihull Fire Services. These services were amalgamated in 1974 following the Local Government Reorganisation to form Warwickshire Police and Warwickshire Fire.

1974-1977; Technician - based at the SHHD Inverness Outstation carrying out VHF/UHF maintenance duties covering the Highland Region in support of various departments including PNC, Royal Observer Corps, Civil Defence and Red Deer Commission.

1977-1979; Technician - based at the Worcester Outstation located at the Police HQ Hindlip Hall carrying out VHF/UHF and Control System maintenance duties primarily supporting West Mercia Police and Hereford and Worcester Fire Service.

1979-1983; - Senior Technician; responsible for the day-day running of the Sheffield Outstation located in the City Centre at near to Westbar Police Station, which provided full maintenance services to South Yorkshire Police and Fire Brigade.

1983-1987; Chief Wireless Technician - based at the Maintenance Planning Group (MPG), co-sited with the Maintenance Unit at Weyhill near Andover and responsible for the provision of logistical support to Field Services in respect of new Police & Fire Control Systems, Fire Brigade Mobilising Systems and specialist IT projects.

1987-1991; Senior Engineer - based at Weyhill, responsible for the running of MPG which provided logistical maintenance planning support to field services and for a period of time, line management responsibilities associated with the three maintenance centres located in Weyhill, Bishops Cleeve and Kippax.

1991-1994; Grade 7 - initially based at Horseferry House, then Ruddington. I was DTELS first dedicated IT Manager responsible for setting up a number of new systems in support of the transfer of DTELS HQ to Nottingham.

Subsequently I went on to become a Principal Engineer in the consultancy team supporting UK Police and Fire Brigades and projects associated with the Water industry.

Following the DTELS trade sale to NTL in March 1994 I transferred to the new organisation and was responsible for setting up and running a specialist radio planning and engineering design team supporting a number of Emergency Service projects and multi-operator In-Building antenna systems for use by UK cellular operators.

I retired some years ago and now live in Devon and enjoy my time with various projects, running this web site, travel and leisure activities.

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