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I wish to place on record my appreciation to the following people who have either contributed material used in the production of this web site, written or telephoned with information and corrections regarding published material.

Although all sources have been acknowledged on the relevant pages, I do hope I have included all the names.

Please contact me by e-mail or use the feedback form if I have inadvertently missed off any names.

I am grateful to Her Majesty's Stationery Office (HMSO, latterly Office of Public Sector Information) for permission to publish crown copyright material originating from the Directorate, without which this site would not have been possible.

Thames Valley Police for permission to publish four user guide videos

Also, I am indebted to the many people who have provided support in the way of material, ideas, feedback etc. A full list is given on this page.

page updated: 22/07/19



Input by e-mail
or telephone

Ian Aitken
Phil Archer
Lawrie Atkinson
European Antennas
Bob Barnes
Bob Barron
Chris Barron
Joe Bell
John Borradaile
Mike Brain
Peter Bridgeman
Denis Cannings
Kevin Carrig
Martin Chalker
Harry Charlton
Chris Clarke
Derek Coombes
Alan Copperwaite
Chris Cornell
Max Corney
Fred Cornish
Eric Davies
Graham Dean
Bill Ellis
Duncan Hawkins
Brian Hill
Ruth Hill
Roy Hodgkinson MBE
David Humphreys
Paddy Kelly
Tony Kent
Jan Kozminski
John Leary
Howard Lee
Mike Leigh
John Maloney
Howard Marshall
Dave McKay
Bryn Oliver

David Partridge
Brian Pears
John Perry
Peter Pinel
Stuart Powell
Mike Phillips
Steve Powell
John Price
Charles Pullin
George Ramsay
Ray Ramsay
Tom Rawlance
John Renwick
Ian Rhodes
Dennis Rouston
David Rumens
Stephen Scanlon
Dave Singh
Bob Siu
Brian Southcott
Margaret Stephens
Chris Sturgeon
Ron Suddes
Robert Swann
Martin Swift
Derek Theobald
Philip Toogood
Liz Twose
Mike Viner
Brian Walters
Clive Wankling
David Waspe
Mike Watson
John Westcott
Bob Witherspoon
Alan Wood
Gordon Wyatt

Phil Archer
Don Bloser
Karl Chadwick
Paul Corkrum
Richard Crossley
Ron Hewlett
Alan Hockey
Pete Kerns
Michael Meredith
Bryn Oliver
Michael Prescott
Tony Ketteringham
Tony Redshaw
George Ramsay
Mike Rignall
Ron Suddes
Ian Sweet
Andrew Woodthorpe
Gordon Wyatt

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