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This section is a ‘catch all’ for topics associated with the Directorate, but not necessarily covered elsewhere in this site.

I am grateful to Her Majesties Stationery Office (HMSO, latterly Office of Public Sector Information) for permission to publish crown copyright material originating from the Directorate, without which this site would not have been possible.

Also, I am indebted to the many people who have provided support in the way of material, ideas, feedback etc. A full list is given in the acknowledgements page.

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Call Signs

A list of known call signs used by the Emergency Services

Civil Defence

Circular calling for volunteers to support the regional government headquarters during an emergency.

Job Card System

During the 1970’s the Directorate took the decision to introduce a Job Card System to track maintenance, installation and other related work carried out within the organisation. This topic includes the publication of the JCS booklet, tracking form and an article from Derek Theobald.

Mountain Rescue

Apart from it’s primary role of communication service provider to the Police Fire and Prison Services, the Directorate was also responsible for providing secondary support to other emergency organisations, in this case Mountain Rescue.


One of the lesser known aspects of communications work undertaken by the Directorate was to provide maintenance and engineering support to Radiac (Radioactivity, Detection, Indication, and Computation) users.


In 1957 the Directorate, in conjunction with the Civil Service Commission recruited nationally for more staff. Take a look at the requirements and salary at that time.

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