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 booklet and certificates
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Directorate of Telecommunications

During the 1980's, there was growing awareness in the private and public sector that quality of products/services had to be improved within the UK. By way of promoting this awareness, the government of the day introduced many new initiatives, particularly into the public sector.

I don't have information as to the exact date when senior management took the decision to implement a Quality Management System (QMS) that would eventually lead to DTELS achieving BS5750 accreditation, but I would hazard a guess at the late 80's.

I believe the reasoning behind this decision included (i) to accord with government initiatives, (ii) the importance placed on maintaining customer confidence that DTELS was moving with the times by meeting nationally recognised standards and (iii) I think also influenced by DTELS moving to a company driven culture and the likelihood of privatisation at some point in the future.

To translate this decision into reality, a full time Quality Manager was appointed to devise and implement a working QMS throughout DTELS.

The QMS became a major task in many parts of the organisation as it was necessary to identify current work practices, amend where necessary to meet accreditation requirements, then document and implement the procedures.

A number of staff were seconded to QMS, whilst others had the extra work added to their ongoing responsibilities. I seem to recall this representing a significant workload for many parts of Field Services, in particular, the three Maintenance Units at Bishops Cleeve, Kippax and Weyhill.

The only surviving information that I currently have on this exercise is:

i) a booklet produced before the 1991 explaining the need for the change.

ii) certificate of BS5750 Part 2 Registration obtained for DTELS on the 11th March 1991.

iii) certificate of BS5750 Part 2 for Land Mobile
Radio Equipment Maintenance and I&C.

Acknowledgement: Dave Waspe for the DOT Booklet and Certificate
page updated: 15/03/19

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