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Download a PDF copy of the 1986 Touche Ross report

 1986 Touche Ross
Report (3 Mb)

Directorate of Telecommunications

Report Background
In March 1986, Touche Ross submitted a report to Directorate management and other interested parties, which contained their findings of a wide ranging Organisation Study undertaken of Directorate operation and recommendations for change.

I believe the report gives an interesting and informative insight into the workings of the Directorate against it's perceived operating remit and association with customers at that time.

The report, which took account of views expressed by personnel at high level within, and external to, the Directorate, looked into various aspects of operation including the existing organisation structure, function, management methods & objectives, conflicts and constraints. The output was a set of recommendations to make the organisation more accountable, financially self-supporting and capable of effective competition.

While background information on this subject is somewhat sketchy, I believe that the publication of this report was one of the main factors that resulted in the Directorate finally moving from a wholly funded Public Sector organisation with associated constraints, to a company driven, self financing and competitive culture, competing within a limited Private Sector market by the time of the trade sale to ntl in 1994.

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2. Touche Ross Report Source: Steven R. Cole

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