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This web site has evolved from a long held personal wish to record some of the department's history before senility creeps in, or the lack of information from other sources dries up!

Following early retirement at the end of 2002, I was able to make a start on the project by sifting through a quantity of documents that I had gathered during my time with the Directorate and to devise a structure and level of content that I thought would be necessary to make the web site (i) as informative and accurate as possible and (ii) to serve as a long-term reminder of a once proud and professional organisation by recording its history and the people who worked there.

By October 2004 after completing a number of priority personal tasks, I commenced publication of the first phase of around 100 pages and thereafter the site grew rapidly in size and complexity, gratefully fuelled by the many photographs, documents and personal articles sent to me by ex-Directorate personnel and others over the years.

If you have comments, constructive criticism, questions or importantly web site contributions, I will do my best to respond accordingly.

In respect of this project, there are currently four domains names registered in my name:


Web Hosting
This site is hosted on a UK web server, all web site hosting and domain costs are funded by myself and is ad-free!

I am grateful to Her Majesty's Stationery Office (HMSO, latterly Office of Public Sector Information) for permission to publish crown copyright material originating from the Directorate, without which this site would not have been possible. Also, I am indebted to the many people who have provided support in the way of material, ideas, feedback etc. A full list is given in the acknowledgements page.

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