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Harrow Collage

A collage of 35mm black and white negative photos taken of some of the many people based at Harrow during the 1970’s.

The Webmaster has endeavoured to put names to faces, please contact him if you can fill in the missing names.

From Left to Right and Top to Bottom:

Row 1
Keith Agombar, Trevor LeCoisette, ?

Row 2
? (worked in Drawing Office), Bill Jones, Robert Carter

Row 3
Ian Tyrrell, Dave Waspe, Clive Harris

Row 4
Dillip Thanki, Mike Watson, Alex Forbes

Row 5
Chris Bottomley, Andy Anderson, George Dean

Row 6
Ron Hewlett, Eric Nankoo, Clive Talbot

Row 7
?, Colin Bywaters, ?

Row 8
George Bidwell, Eddie Wilson, Brian Greenaway

Row 9
Alan Benson, Alan Dearsley, Kanji Jilka

Row 10
Brian Kemp, Bola ?, Harry ?

Photo Source: thought to be Dave Waspe

Thanks also to Dave for assistance in putting some names to faces.

Thanks to Brian Greenaway for identifying some of the names.