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Pye Mascot 1000

March 1985 - "Rack mounted engineers' control panel for the West Midlands Police Pye Mascot 1000 control system, used at the Force Control Room (FCR) through the 1980's.

This particular system supported 24 local and 1 remote operator, and around 60 VHF and UHF radio channels. Each operator could dial up their allocated 10 channels and was then able to select and transmit on any or all of them, or, on UHF, monitor traffic between mobile units and the control operator at the divisional control room.
Since 999 calls went into the FCR, the operator their was able to pass incidents direct to the divisional controller, which the mobiles heard at the same time, improving response times".

Photograph Source, Copyright and
text enclosed by '...': Martin Swift

Pye Mascot 1000