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Police College Hendon 1977

The following text associated with this photograph was provided by Mike Phillips.

"Silver Jubilee Exhibition;  we and other parts of the Home Office (PSDB or SRDB as it was then) put on an exhibition of our work at the Met Police training school at Hendon on 6th May 1977.

The Queen attended and was taken around by the Deputy Chief Constable of Surrey (Mr C Rowe QPM) and came across to my bit where we were showing the possibility of mobile printers for use in Police vehicles, where I was allowed to say about 10 words - all carefully scripted.

I do remember that we had pre-progammed the printer to spew out a short message saying something appropriate. There is a note about this in Intercom Number 9, page 1"

Photo Source and Copyright:
Mike Phillips

Police College Hendon 1977