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Communications 78

The following text associated with this photograph was provided by Mike Phillips.

"Communications 78 Exhibition Spring 1978 in the NEC Birmingham. HRH The Duke of Kent attended and he came across to our stand where again I was allowed to say a few words - although this was not pre-scripted.

The Directorate R&D Section had exhibited underwater communications for Police divers and also an experimental multi-channel transmitter using low level combining and then high power linear amplifiers. This technique was subsequently used in the temporary cabins for the WARC changeout, but the Directorate reverted to separate transmitters and high power combiners for the main sites.

There is a note about the Comms 78 exhibition in Intercom Number 12, page 24 showing the multi-channel transmitter and page 26 showing underwater comms (you can see John Maloney who was the project officer right of centre picture)"

Also with HRH The Duke of Kent and Mike Phillips is the Deputy Director, Robin Hughes.

Photo Source and Copyright:
Mike Phillips

Communications 78