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Maintenance Planning Group Weyhill (c1986)

Taken in the canteen at Weyhill around the end of 1986 or possibly early 1987 prior to John Leary moving on promotion to HQ.

L-R; Norman Tuffin (SWT), Howard Lee (SWT), Jerry Hopkin (WT), Steven Cole (CWT), Dave Metcalf (CWT), Dave Perkins (SWT), Fred Williamson (CWT), Dave Greenwood (SWT), Rodney Haverson (SWT), Richard Roberts (CWT)

Front Row: Lynn Casey (SDP), John Leary (SWE), Charles Pullin (CWT), Alan Noakes (SWT), Dave Walker (SWT) and Len Clark (SWT)

Photograph Source & Copyright:
John Leary

Maintenance Planning Group Weyhill (c1986)