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HH Office

Horseferry House Office

This picture brings back memories!  I first became introduced to Horseferry House when I moved to Weyhill on promotion in 1983 and used to visit HQ on a regular basis. I subsequently moved into an office on the 6th floor at HH for some 16 months in 1991.  Mine had an outer wall window!

The inner office pictured here overlooked offices on the opposite side of the building.  Some degree of natural light was afforded courtesy of the void between the offices, which was OK if you were on the 5th to 7th floor, but gradually diminished as you worked your way down towards the ground floor! I don’t know what crime you had to commit to deserve an office on one of the lower floors....

I seem to recall there being nets strung out to stop the pigeons, but of course it didn’t prevent the bird poop from being dropped... Not the warmest of buildings I’ve worked in, I refer as much to the decor and blandness.  

Photo Source & Copyright: Ruth Hill