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Marconi Pre Warc Tx

Marconi Pre Warc Tx

March 1985 - A hilltop equipment rack containing Marconi Pre-WARC main transmitters operating in the 100 MHz band. Many thanks to Martin Swift for the text which follows:

“The photo shows part of a 100MHz-band Marconi MCT (multi-channel transmitter). These were installed at some VHF hilltop sites where space was limited, to allow the legacy 80/100MHz police and fire equipment to be removed and the new 146/
154MHz equipment to be installed in its place.

Where space was very limited a temporary facilities cabin, containing 100MHz-band  Marconi RC7000 transmitters, was craned into the site. Both sets of equipment then operated in parallel whilst the vehicle fleet and fixed mobile radios were changed over.
The RH rack shows some of the channel drive units, which were combined into the two wideband linears. In the left-hand rack is a one of the two 100MHz linear amplifiers in the system. These used a 4CX1500 valve, producing approximately 60W of RF on up to 6 channels.  The two linears were combined in phase and were then duplexed into the 'temporary facilities' antenna system”

On completion of the WARC project the MCT's were removed and, I believe, scrapped at Bishops Cleeve”.

Photograph source and Copyright: Martin Swift