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Pye RLA2 Mark II Hilltop Rack

Pye RLA2 Mark II Hilltop Rack

These racks formed the mainstay of many of the wide area police and fire schemes from the early 1970’s onwards using VHF links in the 146/154 MHz band back to control or via a repeater site.

This picture shows two racks, each containing identical duplicated (main/standby) equipment for resilience to support two police channels

Left Rack - CH2
Right Rack - CH1

From top-bottom:
the two 10 watt Link Tx’s (to control), next two units are the Link Receivers (from control) followed by the two mobile receivers.

"Top of the rack is a Home Office produced Site Alarm and Generator alarm. If I recall entry to site produced a 3 KHz tone which captured ASSORT. Generator running produced a Beep at HQ."

Picture Source & Copyright:
South Yorkshire Police c1982