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Pye RLA2 Repeater Rack (B&W)

Pye RLA2 Repeater Rack (B&W)

“I believe this to be a repeater serving two further satellite sites.

If you have a close look the right hand rack contains two main RX's just above the handset and would constitute one channel.

The left hand rack contains 4 link RX's and two link TX's.  At the handset level one can see the bay change/mute etc buttons for two further site's ASSORT below the jack panel.

I see what I think are two Hudson VHF RX's on the shelf to the left.

I tend to think this shot was taken at EPS Harrow.

Now the old grey matter is turning!! do I recall the 1st RLA course's were in fact at Harrow and this was our toy?”

Picture Source & Copyright:  Unknown, but likely to be DTELS

Text enclosed by “...” from Gordon Wyatt