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DOT Morris 1000 Van
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During the morning of the 23 November 2004, our roving reporter spotted a strange sight whilst travelling into the little known lands North of Watford. Just over the border he spotted a stationary Morris 1000 van. It was camouflaged in the standard green so well known to members of the Directorate of Tels.

Although the van was apparently asleep, our intrepid reporter crept up close for the stunning photographs that you can see in this article.

At great personal risk, he established the age of the beast by observing the hieroglyphs present on the skin patterning at the front and rear.  It would appear that it is from the Pre-WARC period of the Communications era, and can be firmly dated to the period commencing 1969; a time when hybrid technology was slowly giving way to total solid state. (continued at Slide 2)

Source and Copyright:  S. Dick (pseudonym of a former DTELS engineer)

DOT Morris 1000 VanSlide 1 of 3