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DOT Morris 1000 Van
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It is of course virtually impossible at this stage to firmly say whether the beast WAS in fact of the Home Office stable, but there is no doubt that it is representative.  It would also appear than this was a mature beast, perhaps with family close by, as there was a hooked device at the tail, a sure sign of family additions.

The four yellow protuberances (2 front; 2 back) were also present, a detail understood to be not present during its early life. These give a characteristic throbbing effect if the beast changes direction when charging. Although the surviving black, four-orifice species (as identified by Linnaeus in the Encyclopaedia Auto-trader) can be seen with some degree of frequency, there is no doubt in your editor's mind that this has been a most extraordinary sighting of this particular sub-genre. (continued at Slide 3)
Source and Copyright:  S. Dick (pseudonym of a former DTELS engineer)

DOT Morris 1000 VanSlide 2 of 3