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Bishops Cleeve
Weyhill Early Days

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Workshop BCMU 1968 (Slide 4 of 13)

There are no details available as to who the person is.

The test equipment was certainly typical of the day. The Pye UHF Crystal Controlled Signal Generator sitting on top of the Marconi AM/FM VHF Signal Generator. I seem to recall the former being reliable in operation, inserting the relevant crystal via the opening flap on the top left of the unit, although it suffered sometimes with leakage problems when setting low mute thresholds. The latter took a while to warm-up/stabilise and could be a real problem when working at hilltop sites during the winter months, as part of your time was spent chasing the 'drifting or lost' signal after bringing the generator in from the cold van....

Box file believed to have come from Ruddington HQ Library or Consultancy.

Assumed to be Oswald Kellett MBE, otherwise notified.

Workshop BCMU 1968 (Slide 4 of 13)